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BRYAN CARMODY, a professionally trained Actor and Musician having graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA in Communications Broadcasting and Theater, Bryan armed himself for a life of an Actor. Paths don’t always follow the plan, and what was initially designed to be a short stint in the corporate world in the early 90’s led to a successful 25 year career in sales where Bryan continued to sharpen his ability to cater to his clients’ needs from all walks of corporate America. A good portion of that career was being tasked to single-handedly create and execute initiatives to enable small to midsize companies build brand awareness, attract new clients, and solidify penetration into new markets.

Through his business experience, he was often tapped as the architect for new service initiatives from the ground up: defining the offering, developing operational workflow, creating sales and marketing frameworks, marketing campaigns, contract writing, pricing and proposal development, and project management.

Bryan’s career would take another leap into diversification in 2005 when he partnered with John Versical to form Screen Door, Inc., a creative production company that was founded to produce entertainment content. In 2016, Screen Door took a full leap into the world of direct to business creative and social content creation with the goal of expanding into corporate messaging, training, commercial production, fundraising video, and brand awareness video and multimedia content.

His success in business development allowed the resources to pursue his creative passions with complete focus. After years of practicing deeply technical and business concepts, he pivoted into a career as a Voice Over actor, where his business perspective and creative vision are now fused in perfect harmony. As a full time VO talent he is called upon frequently for Healthcare, Finance, and Technology work.

These experiences enable him to work with any client ranging from small companies to large creative departments on projects that range from developing and realizing branding campaigns, internal corporate messaging, fundraising campaigns for non-profits, and any public facing message a client may require.

Born in raised in Iowa, Bryan is also a certified grill-master. For the mere price of one steak and one baked potato, Bryan offers the service of standing over your shoulder while you cook them to tell you how you’re doing it wrong. Free of charge.