In 2006, Screen Door developed and produced a mini-feature film, The Swing, entirely off-grid with a full crew in northern Michigan. It began an experiment in filmmaking that continues through the present day: tell stories that have never been told before, make films in ways they haven't been made before, and always put every inch of creative passion into each of them. 

Several projects later, in 2011, Screen Door Films began collaborating with the international film collaboration "CollabFeature" to produce two film projects. The first in the line-up was a film called The Owner.

The film follows a backpack on a journey around the world, intersecting the lives of dozens of fascinating characters along the way. As the story progresses, we learn details about a mysterious man, known only as Mr. MacGuffin, to whom the bag possibly belongs.

In February of 2012, Screen Door embarked with a small crew to the frozen tundra of Northern Indiana to shoot a segment code-named "The Drifter" - a story about the backpack and how it affects the life of one of the many individuals it comes into contact with.

In 2011, prior to completing a segment for The Owner, Screen Door produced a segment for CollabFeature's second film, Train Station

Screen Door's involvement with CollabFeature actually began with this film, though The Owner was first to be released. Over five years in the making with another record breaking 40 directors in 25 countries, Train Station premiered in the US and made its festival rounds in 2016. To date, it has won six awards and continues to amaze audiences worldwide during its festival appearances, most recently at the BALINALE Film Festival in Bali.

Train Station entered wide VOD release in March 2017.